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Download the ebook Energy Innovation: Fixing the Technical Fix for only $3.99 (US) from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Diesel, Kobo, and other online stores. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo sites provide previews.) It also is available through iTunes, Blio, and Versent.


Available versions will work for Kindle, Nook, and other ebook readers as well as smart phones, tablets, and other portable devices.

The ebook may be read on a PC or Mac computer screen using a variety of free ebook reader apps, including those from: Kindle, Nook, Adobe, Sony, and Kobo. (Those same sites also have reader apps for smart phones and tablets.)


Calibre provides a free, open-source software application that can be used to read multiple different ebook formats. In addition, it can convert one format to others.

So, while Energy Innovation is not currently available for sale as a Word (.docx or .doc) or Acrobat (.pdf) file, you could use Calibre to convert the ebook file you can buy from these or other stores to those kinds of files.

Also, note that Amazon’s Kindle uses file formats (.azw, .mobi) that some other ebook readers cannot read. And some Kindle reader devices cannot directly read the ebook format (.epub) commonly used by most other devices, and distributed by most other stores. The Calibre application also can be used to convert either of these file formats to the other.

Conversion works with ebooks, like this one, that are free of DRM (Digital Rights Management).

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